broadcast media and storytelling

I have a great face for radio. No, seriously folks, she'll be here all night. Here are some stories that have been on the radio, TV and at The Moth storytelling event in conjunction with my writing.

Story Collider: My Stem Cell Face Lift

I'm the last women in the world you'd expect to get work done, but I was about to turn 40... Listen here.

The Moth GrandSLAM: Seeking a Blessing to Marry

Love does move in mysterious ways. see video

NPR: Memories on the Festival of Lights

Sometimes nostalgia hits for that other, lesser holiday. Listen here.

Radio Interview: Are Your Friends Keeping You Single?

"Your Time with Kim Iverson," Entercom Communications' syndicated night show based out of Austin, TX.  and serving nine cities. Listen here.

The Moth: Me & My Sex Slave, My Sex Slave & Me

Why would some random guy on the internet want to be my sex slave? What do i have to do? Watch here.

The Moth: Love Hurts, Baby!

It's Valentine's Day where instead of stories of love and romance, we tell stories of pain and heartbreak. Why do we stay with the people we stay with? Watch here. 

Extra TV: I Get on the Operating Table for a Face Lift

Some people will do anything for a story. Watch here.